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❤️ from our users

I wish to thank the whole team for this amazing app that has all the features that one could ask for.
I cannot explain the huge number of apps that I have tried just to track my habits and be a bit more productive with what I do as a student.
However, almost all the apps were either super expensive to try, offered minimum features, or just made everything so complicated. However, with Daily Habits, I can track everything down in one place and can actually see my progress throughout the month just by a glance.

~ Sameeksha

Just want to say that I love what you guys built.
I think it's the perfect habit building app in a market totally oversaturated with them it stands out to me.

~ Emectar

Your website is just what I was looking for, and using it has helped me a lot, both in tracking old habits and building new ones.
It's wonderfully easy to use, customise and navigate, and I love that you can adjust the stacking of the habits, and archive them once you're ready to stop tracking them.
Thank you for building a functional, clean habit tracker.

~ Jina

Visualize your entire month at a glance.

With a simple calendar view, you can see your activity for the entire month to see how you're doing and which areas you might need to focus on.

Set flexible goals instead of streaks.

Streaks break, because life happens. But don't let that stop your progress.

Goals are based on flexible consistency, which makes it okay to fail sometimes. It's more important that you continue doing your habit.

Make notes to reflect on your journey.

No journey is complete without reflection, which promotes self-awareness and prompts you to evaluate your own progress, as well as areas where you need to improve.

Ultimately, you are the best judge of your own journey.

Fully responsive on mobile.

You might be at the gym finishing off your exercise habit. Mark it as done right there on your mobile. Or perhaps you had an epiphany and you want to make a note of it.

Don't lose that thought. Easily access DailyHabits through your mobile browser.

Meet the creators 👋

Hey, I'm Preetam :D

I love all things design and marketing. My life goal is to build great software businesses, help others build and earn financial autonomy, and at the end of the day lead a good and happy life.

Hi, this is Sankalp :)

I love using technology to enrich lives. Despite writing code for the past 6 years, I am always fascinated by the fact that a few lines of code can help reduce chaos in someone else's life.

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