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Forfeit vs stickK: Compare Features, Reviews, Pricing in 2024

Forfeit vs stickK
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Compare Features of Forfeit vs stickK


Forfeit is a new (2023), hardcore app that takes your money if you don't complete your habits. You must send either photo or timelapse evidence, which they verify, or you lose money.

There are many integrations coming soon, such as friend verify, Apple Health, Strava, Anki, group forfeits, GPS check-ins.

It's a drastic measure, but Forfeit is a pretty much bulletproof way to force yourself to do whatever you want to do. If you set a Forfeit, you can't get out of it, so you can force your future self to listen to your current self.


stickK is unique - instead of setting and tracking goals in an isolated way, the app has created a system of binding agreements.

As a stickK user, you sign a Commitment Contract stating that you will follow through on your newly set goals and targets by putting money on the line.

There's a psychology of loss aversion in place to not lose the money you put in, but more importantly this can build accountability to yourself that you've physically committed to your new goal, and there's actual stakes to it beyond a purely mental stake.

stickK users have put $51 million dollars on the line and collectively created 533,000 commitments. The website also says its users managed to avoid smoking 42 million cigarettes. There's power in those numbers, so perhaps it's worth giving it a try.

Forfeit vs stickK Reviews


Forfeit for iOS scores a great 4.9 rating. See latest reviews.

Forfeit for Android scores an excellent 5.0 rating. See latest reviews.


stickK for iOS scores a poor 3.3 rating. See latest reviews.

stickK for Android scores an average 3.8 rating. See latest reviews.

stickK App Review: Would You Put Money on the Line to Achieve Your Goals? by Money Crashers.

Forfeit vs stickK Pricing


Forfeit is a free to download app. To participate in the habit contracts, you have to link a debit/credit card, and only lose money if you fail the task.


stickK is a free to download app, but to participate in the accountability system you have pay for the stakes involved.

Download Forfeit and stickK


Forfeit is available for iOS and Android.

This app is not available for Web, MacOS or Windows desktop PCs.


stickK is available for iOS and Android.

This app is not available for Web, MacOS or Windows desktop PCs.

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